United by drawing since they first met at the Beaux Arts of Quimper, the duo Mrzyk & Moriceau probe our unformulated fantasies and translate them into a tonic and ever-growing universe. Tinged with humour and eroticism, their pop vision has quickly crossed-over from the contemporary art scene to captivate both the music and advertising worlds. Their style, recognizable among a thousand, is made by round, soft and elastic shapes, with a dominant of black and white and a lot of humor and assumed frivolity. This led them to make videos for Air, Philippe Katerine, Sébastien Tellier, Justice or The Avalanches. Still very present on the international art scene, the prolifics Mrzyk & Moriceau exhibited their work at the gallery Ratio 3 in San Francisco, La Caixa Foundation in Barcelona, LACMA museum in Los Angeles, the art center of La Villa Arson in Nice and the Mamco Museum in Geneva.

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