Marcus Schaefer is a Paris-based multi-disciplinary artist and film director. In a world predominantly ruled by color images, Schaefer seeks avenues of escape and expression through the visual aesthetics of black and white photography. Exploring intimacy, sensitivity, and abstraction, his images challenge the false preconception that black and white photography is outdated and less expressive. The photographer puts the color black at the heart of his work, using it as a central component to his visual messaging and overturns the binary of black and white to create a sophisticated system of new meanings throughout the images - black acquires vulnerability and softness, becoming the site of a new entanglement of representation. The series of mostly black and white compositions feel vulnerable, otherworldly and create a vision of seductive allure. Schaefer is not interested in technical perfection; he is intrigued instead by spontaneity and imprecision. The element of mistake is fundamental in all his creative endeavors.

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