Hugo Mapelli is a french photographer and director based in Paris. He began his career as a photographer's assistant, working alongside Peter Lindbergh and Hedi Slimane in photography as well as video. He explores a visual language at the intersection between traditional media and experimentation. In his darkroom, in Paris, he combines historical processes with contemporary tools to materialize unique images. Using film or digital photography, ‘photogramme’ or ‘videogramme’, he freezes the shadows, twists the processes and provides a graphic, colorful and material-rich body of work. Where abstractions and fashion photographs meet in a singular artistic vision. He has contributed to international magazines such as Numéro Berlin, Wallpaper, Port Magazine, Twin, Noisé Magazine and Harper's Bazaar Italy. Hugo has also collaborated with world renowned brands such as Aesop, Cartier, Chanel, Chloé, Dom Pérignon, Hermès and Lancôme.

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