Inspired by cinema, and in particular by directors as different as Maurice Pialat, Spielberg or Jacques Demy, Boris Ovini is a keen observer. This meticulous observation of people helps him sublimate the movement of bodies as well as the movement of light, remaining anchored in a sparingly aesthetic realism. These mechanisms he creates allow his models to have a form of autonomy, a framework of action in which they can evolve without feeling constrained by the frame, playing with the friction between staging reality, poetry, movement and color within each shot. Boris is also creative director for EXHIBITION MAGAZINE, a biannual large format dedicated to Photography, Fashion and Arts that has established a strong influence since its inception. Based in Paris, his clients include Givenchy, Thom Browne, Cartier, Yoji Yamamoto, Vogue Italy, Numero, T magazine and Office magazine among others.

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